France 24 doublement primé par l'AIB !

L'Association for International Broadcasting a doublement récompensé France 24 pour son approche multimédia de l'information et le reportage "Au cœur de la répression birmane" réalisé par Cyril Payen, Paul Rush et Solomon Kane.

AIB Editors’ Award
The AIB has been monitoring the work of broadcasters throughout the world to see who is thinking
creatively about the convergence that’s taking place in the media. However, thinking about this is
not enough – what the AIB wants to see is a whole-hearted and thoroughly engaged approach to
ensuring that broadcasters are true cross-media production houses. Today, broadcasters have to
engage with audiences on multiple platforms – the audience has immense choice and if you’re not
on the platform that they want to use, you’ll lose them.

France 24 launched in December 2006 and from the start had a true multimedia approach to
international broadcasting. It has developed applications in partnership with other organisations –
both commercial and public – to get its content onto mobile handsets, on to the web and delivered
via e-mail. At the same time, France 24 has not lost sight of the traditional TV audience, with
excellent presentation across all three of its language services – Arabic, English and French.
With a young, enthusiastic team at its headquarters in Paris, France 24 has pushed boundaries,
both in style and coverage of different themes. The AIB believes France 24 has now matured into a
strong, reliable and inventive international news channel for the 21st century. They have been open
to sharing their ideas and technologies with other broadcasters, believing the world needs a
multitude of voices to be better informed.

This is why France 24 is recipient of this year’s AIB Editors’ Award.

La brochure complète de l'AIB est disponible ici.